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IT Consulting

Online/In-Person Consultations

After completing the business analysis survey, Kevin will contact you directly to discuss your results and determine the next steps.  


Each consultation will identify:

  • Your business' short-term and long-term goals

  • Your competition and how your business compares

  • Your company’s targets and how  they are being reached 

  • Gaps and opportunities within your company


Each consult is designed to help your organization reach its maximum potential. 

Sales Training Plans

Every business requires an effective business plan for success. Creating a plan that best suits your company can be difficult, which is why KNSCT's comprehensive assistance will create a plan that helps you achieve the results you desire.


Every plan is individualized to your company and includes a timeline, an in-depth report, and cost analysis.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Establishing an effective business plan is only the beginning of your company's journey to success. KNSCT will take time to work with you and your company to reach your targets. An individualized program that includes various training activities, instructional marketing and sales presentations and constructive suggestions will bring your company to the next level. 


KNSCT has a business analysis survey dedicated to understanding your company better. Once completed, Kevin will contact you via your preferred method of communication to set up a 30-minute consultation, free of charge, to discuss the business goals of your company. An in-depth, customized business plan will be created, which will detail the process your company will follow while working with Kevin. Each program will include a pre-, current, and post-analysis report.

This is not a one size fits all approach, rather a process tailored to your company’s needs, meaning duration and cost will vary. Kevin will be involved every step of the way and will remain in touch with your business even after you have reached your goals.


Business Analysis


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