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KNSCT X Maddie Niebanck  

KNSCT will be partnering with stroke survivor and advocate, Maddie Niebanck, to create a stroke-survivor community summit being held in 2024 across North America. Together, the two aim to bridge the gap between stroke survivors and the healthcare community to raise awareness and funding to better the stroke recovery system. 


KNSCT X Stroke Onward  

KNSCT will work alongside Stroke Onward, an organization created by stroke survivor and care-partner, Debra Meyerson and Steve Zuckerman. Together, they share the goal to foster a stroke survivor community that focuses on providing holistic support and care to rebuild the individual's physical health and improve their rehabilitation process. 

KNSCT X Portable Provisions

KNSCT will be partnering with Portable Provisions, a NYC-based premium catering company that will provide food and beverages during the entirety of Fast Fwd's events. 


KNSCT X Club Quarters 

KNSCT will be collaborating with Club Quarters, a hotel chain providing comfort and convenience to Fast Fwd attendees.


KNSCT X Brookly Art Haus

KNSCT will be working with Brooklyn Art Haus to provide a welcoming space to host Fast Fwd. 


KNSCT X Joyeux

KNSCT is thrilled to be partnering with Café Joyeux, a company focused on giving people with cognitive and mental disabilities the opportunity to partake in the workforce, to deliver Fast Fwd attendees with delicious goods and drinks.

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