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At KNSCT, we understand medical device companies' challenges in getting their innovative products into hospitals and rehabilitation centers. This new initiative brings medical device companies, hospitals, and rehab centers together for exclusive, private functions or trade shows. These events provide a unique platform for medical device companies to showcase their products directly to healthcare professionals.


As a third-party planner, we facilitate these connections, ensuring that companies can present their innovations to multiple potential clients in one setting. Each event will feature stroke survivor testimonials, insights from stroke organizations, and presentations by government officials and doctors. These components not only highlight the real-world impact of these devices but also foster a supportive and informative environment. 

Our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships between medical device companies and healthcare facilities, ensuring that stroke survivors receive the best possible care and support. With the support of hospitals and rehab centers encouraging their patients to attend, we anticipate a successful and impactful series of events.

For interested attendees, please fill out the form below to share your preferences and needs with us.  

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